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It has been about three weeks since we last explored this topic, and I think we still need cartoons just as much as we ever did. The octomom is running wild, a terrible Dragonball Z adaptation is in the works, North Korea is testing missiles, and our economy is still not doing so hot. So let's curl up again and get our laugh on with some much need cartoon gluttony.

After all, if you think back to your childhood, I think you, like me, will find that some of the most enjoyable stress free times in your life were sat down, watching some good 'ol fashioned Looney Tunes, Nicktoons, or perhaps even the WB Saturday morning lineup known as Kids' WB. This week features another fantastic crop of under appreciated and extraordinarily talented artists and of course a little self whoring by me (forgive me in advance).

And off we go again my friends!

Creative, colorful, and hilarious are three words I've chosen to describe this gallery. Not only does this deviant deliver some incredibly fresh and funny material time after time he submits, but he also has an extraordinary amount of talent. If his cartoons don't make you laugh, I fear you may have lost your funny bone in a terrible terrible accident and should consult your doctor about that supposed "tonsillectomy".

Mature Content


Mature Content

Doggy Daycare Rapist by THeFReCKLeDFINGeR
The Magic of Childbirth by THeFReCKLeDFINGeR

Mature Content

Blood Red Handed by THeFReCKLeDFINGeR

Though in my opinion the account name should spell it out pretty vividly for you people, we're not all blessed with a vast astounding intellect and so I shall treat us all to an explanation of my choice. This deviant draws cartoons in the form of comics, they are funny and make me laugh, therefore they provide happiness. Now get to work reading them!

Six More Weeks of DEATH by HappinessComics PSA by HappinessComics He's That Scary by HappinessComics Movie Time by HappinessComics

The simple things really come out to play in the wonderful and whacky work of fubumeru. This deviant not only has the comedic chops we all crave, but has a fun way of putting their own twist on the well established characters we all know and love. The gallery really sells itself though, just see for yourself.

Happy Easter by fubumeru the real santa by fubumeru Samurai Jack by fubumeru Mr. Barack Obama by fubumeru

While OMG-Breasteses can be a little crude and pervy from time to time... he makes up for it by making it funny each time and drawing some excellent fanart in the meanwhile. If you're a nerd this gallery will really brighten up your day, and if you're not... it probably still will.

Lara Croft: Homemaker by OMG-BREASTESES Mario Unleashed by OMG-BREASTESES Girl Boo by OMG-BREASTESES The Floor is Lava by OMG-BREASTESES

Sometimes we don't need detailed double page spreads of ass kicking action or fully drawn out backgrounds... no sir... sometimes we just need Retarded Komiks of Doom. Trust me, they're pretty freaking amazing.

Retarded Komik of Doom 06 by drkjirachi   Retarded Komik of Doom 04 by drkjirachi Retarded Komik of Doom 11 by drkjirachi NO by drkjirachi

Sometimes cartooning can be more than just funny, it can kick your ass and take your name from time to time and that is just what DeathBySodaCan's gallery does. His gallery features everything you could ask for from kick ass actions poses to capcom fanart to full color hilarity. You can't go wrong with this gallery and surely will not.

:thumb115842836: :thumb112198187: :thumb109249951: :thumb100388800:

There are many many reasons why I love this gallery. From the wonderful variety in character designs to the outstanding humor to the wonderful colors and lovable line art. There's nothing here I can find to describe it better than it describes itself though. The gallery draws you in from first look and never lets you go. So prepare to be trapped, and tickled a little.

Lewis Black by Hen-Hen White Knight by Hen-Hen Psycho Rabbit Colored by Hen-Hen My Card Colors by Hen-Hen

Again, that's me! A little self whoring a day keeps the doctor away after all. Don't judge me! Haha. I hope these make you smile as much as I imagine the above deviants did.

Le shroom by abnormaltoonage Smoking Is Cool by abnormaltoonage Mario Is Trippin Bawlz by abnormaltoonage Devour by abnormaltoonage

Well children, that's all for now and it's time for me to retire to my lair to stalk cartoonists and prepare for the next issue. What peril will the world fall into between now and then I wonder? Will Michael Jackson do something weird again? Will Britney shave someone else? Will Barak Obama use out dated slang in a hilarious fashion? The world may never know... until three weeks from now.

As always if you have suggestions for cartoonists or galleries with a cartoon like style/humor, note me your suggestions. I very much look forward to it.

Sincerely yours,

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OMG-BREASTESES Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009   Filmographer
I'm crude? <3
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
But in the best way possible my friend!!
Hen-Hen Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! thanks so much, this is coll man. It fun to see art that will make ya smile.
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2009
Agreed! Pass it around if you like! Hopefully it garnishes exposure for the artists listed over time!
HughFreeman Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Wow, awesome!
Thanks for the feature, and these are all exellent artists.
We most certainly do need more cartoons :nod:
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Agreed! If you have noticed any under the radar cartoon artists, let me know. I will be doing these on a regular basis and love outside input.
HughFreeman Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Roger that :salute:
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Awesome features! I'm gonna check out these artists
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Thanks a bunch. They certainly are worth peaking at!
Gingco Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009  Professional Filmographer
HAHA! Great features! Keep them coming! This is a great idea. :)
abnormaltoonage Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Haha thank you immensely. I'm glad you like the second issue. It's nice to see someone who was featured the first time become a return reader.
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